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GEM Space Radiation Climatology (FG9) Workshop 2010

This year the GEM Space Radiation Climatology Focus Group will be meeting for 3 sessions, one joint with the Radiation Belts and Wave Modeling focus group. GEM Workshop information can be found at GEM Summer Workshop, 2010

What is GEM Space Radiation Climatology? See GEM Space Radiation Climatology (aka Focus Group 9 or FG9)


  1. Session Description
    1. Thursday, June 24th
      1. Session 1 1:30-3:30 (Joint with Radiation Belts and Wave Modeling)
      2. Session 2 3:30-5
    2. Friday, June 25th
      1. Session 3 10:30-12:15
    3. Related Posters
    4. Plans for future meetings
    5. Contact Info

1. Session Description

Chairs: Paul O'Brien, Reiner Friedel, Bob Weigel

1.1. Thursday, June 24th

1.1.1. Session 1 1:30-3:30 (Joint with Radiation Belts and Wave Modeling)

  • UCLA/VERB update, Shprits
  • ONERA update, Maget pdf
  • TEM2 and AE9/AP9, O'Brien
  • Dream/follow-on update, Friedel
  • Challenges and Innovations in Data Assimilation for Radiation Belts, Kondrashov

1.1.2. Session 2 3:30-5

  • Injection and loss of inner radiation belt protons during solar proton events and magnetic storms, Hudson (Thursday)
  • Inner belt data assimilation, Guild
  • solar cycle dependence of ion composition at GEO, Denton pdf
  • ViRBO update, Weigel ppt

1.2. Friday, June 25th

1.2.1. Session 3 10:30-12:15

  • GPS orbit model of protons, Friedel
  • LEO electron model, Chen
  • Electron spectral shapes in the CRRES data and their possible relationship to the plasmapause. Johnston pdf
  • Recent results with the THEMIS SST data, Ni/Shprits

1.3. Related Posters

1.4. Plans for future meetings

  • Make 6-month+ reanalysis data available by Fall AGU: VERB, DREAM, HEIDI
  • Analyze it and present it at GEM next year
  • Try to get analysis of HEIDI into a joint session with Near Earth Magnetoshpere Focuse Group
  • Have one or more overview talk describing progress over the last 5 years

1.5. Contact Info

For questions regarding GEM Space Radiation Climatology, please contact Paul O'Brien, or Geoff Reeves,

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